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Corporate Responsibility -
It's our business

Telford Homes is committed to doing our best for our buyers, the areas in which we build and for the environment. Our comprehensive company environmental policy is communicated clearly throughout our operations and we continue to adopt advanced construction methods, improve energy efficiency and reduce the ecological impact of our work. Our most recent schemes aim to achieve a minimum of 10% of energy from sustainable sources. Initiatives such as these can have a major impact, saving several hundred years' worth of carbon emissions. Recent developments have included some of the following:

  • Communal areas powered by rooftop photovoltaic panels.
  • A wind turbine producing renewable energy for the development.
  • A use of a cross laminated timber panelling system saving 306,150 kg of carbon in the construction process compared to a concrete frame.
  • The use of renewable timber sourced from managed forests.
  • Fully integrated recycling facilities.
  • Biomass boilers using wood pellets to produce heat and hot water energy.
  • Environmentally friendly insulation materials.
  • Green and brown roofs to protect the natural habitats of wildlife and birdlife.
  • The provision of a substantial number of cycle spaces.
  • On-site remediation of contaminated soil minimising transportation for off-site treatment or disposal.
Sustainable Regeneration
  • Our aim is to create genuinely mixed-tenure communities.
  • Developments always include a good mix of homes: typically some 35% of a development is sold for affordable housing.
  • We continue to build partnerships with affordable housing providers including councils and housing groups and associations.
Customer Service
  • We aim to provide first-class customer service during and after each home purchase.
  • Our dedicated teams have won awards for their professional, personable approach.
  • Following completion, we provide a two-year 24/7 emergency call-out facility.